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Living without home appliances is usually incomplete; one cannot do much without the help of these appliances. These days every one desires to finish their chores in a very short period of time. Home appliances not just assist us to complete home tasks in the least time but additionally reduce our work burden. From cooking to washing clothes together with dishes washing. These appliances have dominated all aspects of our way of life in an exceedingly favorable way.

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Refrigerator, freezer, air-condition, dryer, oven, microwave, electric cooker or any kind of appliance Repairs are handled thoroughly. We service all brands and models of all leading brand appliances, such as LG, Maytag, Frigidaire, GE, Bosch, Kenmore, Whirlpool, a lot more. Your microwave oven is important to you In case the microwave is not working as it should properly call.

Giantfix Appliance Repair.

Microwave Repair
Your microwave is important to you! If you microwave is not working properly we shall fix it.
Dishwasher Repair
Is there a reason to go back to hand washing dishes, simply because your dishwasher needs repair? We service all makes and models.
Fridge/Freezer Repair
Probably the most expensive appliances has break. No one is comfort when the refrigerator stops cooling.
Stove/Oven Repair
For all oven, range and stove repairs we are at your service.
Washer/Drier Repair
Your microwave is critical to you! If you microwave is not running properly call us now.

Taking Care

Our appliances are a part of our every day life. Our every day home to do’s involve the use of our home appliances, so when these appliances start giving us an issue its hard to carry out the errands we need to carry out for the day. But at Granyfix Appliances Repairs we provide you with great assistance additionally including installation, replacement and repair services, and maintenance. These issues may be caused by anything. Time plays a big role as to why our services  may be a great deal for your home appliances because we offer new up to date services with the right set of tools to work with.

In such cases, you will need a consulting technician of a reliable organization just like Giantfix Appliance Repair to maintain as well as servicing these appliances.. Giantfix Appliance Repair has the skilled technicians qualified to satisfy you at the point of your needs


Emergency Appliances Services
Quality And Service

Quality And Service

Our Appliances may be a home help being utilized every day, but bear in mind they can stop working due to repeated use. Granyfix Appliances Repairs provide you with great assistance additionally they include heat repair, services, and maintenance. You could possibly face issues with your appliances as they are aged and over-used.

In such cases, you will need a consulting technician of a reliable organization just like Giantfix Appliance Repair to maintain as well as servicing this appliances.. Giantfix Appliance Repair has the Magic Fingers, magic hands, including magic technicians qualified to satisfy you at the point of your needs

For instance; occasionally your refrigerator’s cooling ability becomes low, ice builds up in the freezer compartment, the drain flow blocks and the fan runs on continually making noise, or refrigerator stops making ice because refrigerator is not cooling the water enough, the ice dispenser stops working, refrigerator does not dispense water or ice in spite of pressing buttons; for all these issues you need to get in touch with us.

Qualified Technicians

Our Technicians gives contractual maintenance in servicing and testing your appliances. Their services enable you to maintain your home appliance for a long period for use reducing spending unexpected money. We maintain all types of commercial and domestic kitchen appliances, from fridges, freezers, and chilled cabinets, gas, and electric cookers and ovens, to extractors and microwaves.

Just make sure you call us whenever you notice overheating or any malfunction in your appliances. Seek advice from our company’s official technicians and get on using any of your appliances without stress. We have great satisfaction in every single service we render and the same guarantees to each and every one of our customers.

Our services rendered to our customers are in a timely and reasonable manner. We care about our customers and choose to be your go-to company for any your home appliance repair needs.

Qualified Technicians

Our Mission

Our mission is to move the extra mile and provide first-class repairs installations, and maintenance for property managers, homeowners, realtors, and landlords, businesses in Palmdale, California as well as its surrounding area.

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Opt for Giantfix Appliance Repair in Palmdale in California for the repair company to handle your needs, and take care of your home appliances, and also maintain everything functioning in brand-new condition! call us.

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